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Why hire a Landscape Designer?


Having a scale landscape design will save your precious time and money. Generally speaking, just as designers are not tradespeople, tradespeople are not designers. Landscaping is a significant investment, often costing in the 6 figure range.

By hiring a landscape designer and going through the design process you will carefully make the vast majority of decisions before construction begins. A designer will ensure your property is a reflection of your personal tastes, that there is enough functional space and flow for your purposes, privacy, safety, and budget issues will be addressed, plus a number of other nuances too numerous to mention. With this plan you can easily compare quotes and even choose to implement in stages.

By hiring me you will never receive a cookie-cutter design, but a personal plan that ensures a thoughtfulness of what is important to you merged with my 15 years’ experience in landscape design/build. Choose a designer with both passion and experience!

About Melanie

Melanie Rekola

Melanie Rekola

Landscape Designer, Certified Horticulturist, 3D Artist, Garden Writer

Award-winning landscape designer Melanie Rekola had been has been making backyard dreams reality throughout central Ontario, since 2001. A born artist, educated and practiced in numerous design disciplines, she takes much of her design cues from the beauty of nature itself! A tremendous love and respect for all things living permeates everything she does.

Her lust for landscape originated early in life while growing up on a 100+ acreage of rolling hills and forests, but she came to design by way of the fashion trade.  Armed with both a passion for plants and love of great design she began her formal education at the University of Guelph. Since then, her thirst for knowledge drives her to continuously develop and update her industry education. Now with the practical knowledge that over 17 years’experience brings, and hundreds of successful projects complete, it ensures her designs look beautiful beyond the plan. They also look gorgeous when constructed!

Melanie has become a well-known designer showcased at Canada Blooms and a respected garden writer/photographer regularly featured in several area, national and online magazines. Published works include: Pools, Spas and Patio magazine, Our Homes magazine, The Globe and Mail and more. An avid photographer, all images shown on this website are captured by Melanie herself.

Inspired by the clean lines and modern natural aesthetic of her Scandinavian heritage, Melanie spends her free time exploring the many nearby forests of Central Ontario with her beloved beagle in tow. She also spreads her high-spirited and naturally creative soul across variety of art forms. Melanie whole heartedly adores her chosen living and is one of the lucky few to have found their life’s passion.


Melanie Rekola in Barrie, ON on Houzz Melanie Rekola in Barrie, ON on Houzz Melanie Rekola in Barrie, ON on Houzz

Landscaping ROI


Contrary to what is commonly perceived, landscaping generates one of the highest returns on investments of the many forms of home improvement possibilities. For persons looking to sell their home, well-executed landscaping not only improves appeal, but will also speed up the rate of sale. Furthermore, “exceptional” landscaping can fetch selling prices 6-7% higher than a home with simply “average” landscaping as a selling high point.

Landscaped outdoor living areas can increase property value by up to 12%! It is also said that landscaping boasts a whopping 100-200% recovery value. Plus properly placed gardens and trees can lower your heating and cooling costs, giving you ROI before you ever decide to sell.